Michel Louis
La Bête du Gévaudan (The Beast of Gévaudan)

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From 1764 to 1767 a mysterious beast spread terror in Gévaudan and in the southern region of Auvergne, killing men, women and children.

The beast holds in check the gigantic battues lead by the most important hunters of the kingdom; she thwarts all traps, seems to be insensitive to gun shots. More than a hundred people die under her teeth. Michel Louis delivers from this famous affair a fascinating story: all attacks from the beast, all hunts, the terror felt in the countryside and the heroic actions of some farmers. Also the schemes from the powerful, excited by the lust of the honors and by the enormous rewards promised to the killer of the beast.

What was this animal of disconcerting appearance and behavior? We imagine the presence of sadistic killers in its shadow. Who are they? What role did they play? Did the personal emissary of King Louis XV betray the notable and the common people? At the closing of a meticulous investigation Michel Louis responds to these questions in the light of official documents; from oral tradition to modern zoology.
This work is the most comprehensive ever written on one of the most famous enigmas in France's history. It is also a plea in favor of the eternal accused, the wolf, as Michel Louis proves his innocence and asks for the wolf's rehabilitation.

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