Marc Saint-Val
La "Malebête" du Gévaudan

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At the beginning of this unbelievable story, malicious hands have secretly drawn a couple of animals for baneful ends.

This dreadful crew is going to stand up to the royal power, and all means used to overcome it, during three long years.
Jean Chastel, a man feared and shadowy succeeded and killed a creature with surprising features, putting an end to this disaster.

At the end of the XVIIIth century, approximately 200 personnes were savagely eaten or badly mutilated in this bloody hecatomb. This is indeed a real historical story and not a popular legend.

Based on careful research, this book is able to provide the proof that these animals weren't wolves, as many people have pretended, neither hyenas or exotic big tawny, neither or hybrids derived from crosses of species of any kind

An exciting investigation that we recommend you to discover which brings into light this mysterious case concerning the beast of Gévaudan.

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