Henri Pourrat
Accurate history of the Beast of Gevaudan

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This is the story of the famous beast, written by a man of the mountain, Henri Pourrat.

The first testimony is that of a young vachère saved by its bullocks massés of it in 1764.

Then came a long series of tragedies - it's about a fantastic beast: the imprint of his feet, its size, the red spots of her dress, flexibility félilne, his ruse accréditaient all assumptions. The stories are hallucinants. the beast is devoted to a genuine Director, torture the kids to find hidden Shepherd and attack it. is this a witch ? A werewolf ?

Are reported: all the animal attacks, the heroic battles child mothers trying to pull out its visctimes to the monster oi always unsuccessful battues, Royal decisions the rewards.

Finally, after years, the huge beast tois and killed without effort during a battered. A monster to le poil red with a écrat of two sections clamps, that is to say 45 cm.

It entails Versailles décomposé corpse: is the end of the mystery of the Gévaudan.

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