Elisa Sabathié & Marie-Pascale Vincent
The mysteries of Lozere

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Since that land of Lozere, fairies caussenardes rub shoulders with giant Gargantua and that from the top of the deep gorges of the Tarn, a goat bleating desperately every night ghostly, mysterious has had time to soak up the last fiber of countries.

Elisa Sabathé and Marie-Pascale Vincent lift the veil of common destiny and deliver such astonishing that this family of Rimeize who in his time, made him shiver all-Paris with his impressive menagerie, one of Celeste Albaret governess who Lozère sticking small papers of Marcel Proust, or even that those first neurosurgeons practicing on the plateau 5000 years ago.

You will be immersed in the most savage of the departments of Hexagon, a real Noah's Ark for a "faunographie" unusual, at its core a legendary heritage still warm infuses into the hearts of men wildest fears to famous evocation of bloodthirsty beasts of yore, the ogre John Grin devouring the liver of children, or the famous bandit who came by Chuck one day in the year 1754 to make his in the good town of Mende ...

Elisa is a facilitator Sabathé heritage. After assisting with the monthly via Toulouse for its cultural features, it is in the framework of their duties at the museum in Rodez Fenaille it conveys his passion for artisan heritage and popular visiting public.
His taste for the extraordinary stories unearthed in some corners of human memory and archives also allowed him to write a lot of mysteries. Marie-Pascale Vincent lives in the heart of the Cevennes.
She writes regularly for regional and local press articles on agriculture, tourism and land development. His taste for stories and encounters, his curiosity towards the rural world have put in the footsteps of Big Business in Criminal Lozère and Ardèche.

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