Corinne Dalle
Au loup !
(Crying Wolf - the Beast of Gévaudan, and other wolves in the Auvergne)

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The subject of countless studies, stories, references and films, the Beast of Gévaudan has been a talking point for more than two hundred years. It all began in 1764 with a series of murderous attacks in Lozère.

For nearly four years after that, a 'Beast' attacked and killed people in the provinces of Languedoc and the Auvergne.

In this compilation, you will find transcripts of documents of the period, letters by M. De Ballainvilliers and M. d'Enneval, and statements drawn up by M. Antoine.

It is a real pleasure to have these documents in their original form, as well as transcriptions which ensure that no information is lost due to possible illegibility.

This collection is available by post from the Conseil Général du Puy de Dôme :

Price : 7€52

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