Alain Parbeau
La bestia del Gebaudan or the grace of Jean Chastel

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Alain Parbeau combines his fascination with animals in general, and the Beast of Gevaudan in particular, with an interest in history and metal-forging. He has also had more than thirty years' practical experience in target shooting using historical firearms of the flintlock type.

In the first part of this book, he examines the part played by one of the main characters in the story of the Beast of Gévaudan, Jean Chastel. Though Chastel is frequently accused by other writers of having been implicated in the events which took place, Parbeau works on the presumption that he was actually innocent.

More intrigued by the animal's apparent resistance to 17th century firearms, the author has carried out extensive experiments to collect data on the performance of various types of rifle and pistols of the period. The conclusions which he draws from the results, and his own theories about the Beast's 'invulnerability', are presented in the second part of the book.

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